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Adoption Is A Loving, Life-giving Option

"For many women and men facing unplanned pregnancy, adoption is a positive option. Adoption can give you the freedom to pursue your goals and know that you have made a caring decision for your child, There are may young couples that can't have their own children and are waiting to adopt a child. Adoption is truly a loving option for an unplanned pregnancy." -- National Council on Adoption

We know that you probably have a lot of questions. The following questions and answers will not answer all the questions you may have about adoption, but this list should help you get started.

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Adoption FAQ

1What is adoption?
Adoption is the legal process by which parental rights and responsibilities are transferred from one parent or set of parent(s) to another, with the purpose of ensuring that the child placed for adoption has all the benefits of a loving, permanent family if his or her birth parents choose to make an adoption plan.
2Is adoption the same as giving away my baby?
No, adoption provides you with the opportunity to make a plan for your child's future. It is not abandonment. it can be a good and loving plan that you make in order to give your baby the security and benefits of a permanent family, should you decide that parenting is not the best option for you at this time in your life.
3What is an 'open' adoption?
Today, the vast majority of infant adoptions in the U.S. have some degree of openness, which means that birthparent identities are not kept from the child or adoptive family and there is often some agreed upon ongoing contact between birth and adoptive families. Contact in an open adoption may include the exchange of letters and photographs, phone calls, emails, visits - Whatever you and the adoptive family are comfortable with.
4How can I be sure my child's adoptive parents will take good care of him/her?
Parents who want to adopt an infant are required to meet with an adoption agency representative, social worker, or other approved agent and complete a number of requirements, including an in-depth homestudy, to determine whether they are ready and able to parent. Prospective adoptive parents have to meet all criteria set by there home state, as well as their adoption agency, in order to adopt. If you and your child's adoptive parents agree to pursue and maintain an open adoption relationship, you will be able to receive updates, pictures, and letters, visit if it is agreed upon, be a part of your child's life as he or she grows up, and see first hand how your child is being raised.
5Will my child know who I am?
That's up to you. You can choose how much contact, if any, you would like to have with your child and his of her adoptive parents. if you choose a more open adoption, you will be a part of your child's life as he or she grows up.
6What if I'm not completely sure about making an adoption plan? Will an adoption agency still help me?
You are facing one of the most important and overwhelming decisions you will ever have to make. A responsible adoption professional should never pressure you either way or deny you help while you are considering your options. Many women who seek information and guidance at adoption agencies do not decide to make adoption plans, and agencies can and should help connect these women with needed resources and support within the community. Expectant parents considering adoption, whether or not they ultimately choose adoption, have the right to accurate information about all of their options, compassionate support, and the space to make their own decisions.